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You would like to rent out your roof or open space?

The Vorblick Consulting team have over 20 year’s experience in the field of mobile communications and antenna site leasing. With our expertise, we enable landlords to obtain good contractual conditions and lucrative rental income for their antenna sites. The mobile phone providers engage partner companies to work on their behalf and negotiate to their advantage. This means that you, the landlord are in a disadvantaged negotiating position from the start. With us at your side, you benefit from industry knowledge and experience that is used specifically to your advantage.

You already have an antenna site?

Your location could also be of interest to other providers. We will check your contract for optimisation potential and try to find other providers for your site.

You do not yet have an antenna site

You would like to lease your roof or open space to a network operator and achieve a lucrative rent with optimal contract conditions? We are here to help you.

Five good reasons to work with Vorblick:


With over 20 years experience, Vorblick Consulting has a wealth of knowledge at your disposal.


We know the industry from both perspectives – the network operator’s and the site owners.


With our expertise, we have been able to support more than ? In optimising their contracts.


With Vorblick’s zero-risk guarantee, you are on the safe side: we operate on a win win principle.


In addition to our expertise, we also support you in contract negotiations with network providers.
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Frequently asked questions about antenna siting

Which areas are needed?

Above all, there is a demand for open spaces and unused roof areas. Old industrial plants, towers and silos are also considered. Individual indoor systems can also be installed in hotels, residential complexes or shopping malls. In large cities, house facades and walls are already playing an interesting role in adding additional density to the grid.

Are there any exclusion criteria?

Site development is a highly complex process. By making your property available, you lay the foundation for a future contractual relationship. We support you with our expertise from the very beginning and take care of correspondence with the network operators.

How much rent can an antenna site achieve?

It is not possible to make any general statements here, as the site rent depends on several factors that have to be assessed individually. However, we can assure you that we will negotiate the best conditions for you.

How long do rental contracts with mobile phone providers run for?

Contract terms of 5 to 30 years are common for mobile phone sites. Here, too, we look after your interests and provide you with competent advice – perfectly tailored to your situation.

Frequently asked questions about antenna siting

Rooftop locations

There is a possibility of mounting one or more antenna masts on a roof. Approx. 10 m² of floor space is required to accommodate additional necessary components .

Mast locations

About 100 m² of floor space is required for the mast itself and its supporting technology. New Innovative solutions can provide antenna that fit the environment for example – mast locations disguised as trees.

Industrial sites

Areas on chimneys, towers or silos may be suitable for mounting antennas. An additional benefit is the possibility of 24/7 unhindered access.

Small Cells

The name says it all: with Smart Cells, around 1 m² of façade surface is often sufficient for an antenna. This means that even small areas can be used optimally.

How to get started today

Vorblick Consulting has assisted many antenna site owners in analysing their sites and the subsequent contract negotiations with network operators. From rooftop sites on single-family homes, residential complexes, public buildings or industrial plants to mast sites in the countryside. We always start with a personal discussion. Use our contact form, send us an e-mail or call us directly – we look forward to your enquiry.

Frequently asked questions

I believe my building would make a good site for an antenna, but I am unsure.

Locations can only be assessed on an case by case basis. You can get an overview of the technical conditions in the “Conditions” section.

Why am I being called regularly even though my contract still has 4 years to run?

The mobile network planning department wants to determine whether your location will be available in the longer term. This may be an opportunity to improve the terms of your lease before it expires. We are happy to help you with this!

Cracks have formed in my brickwork/building over the past few months. Can this be due to the antenna system?

Before an antenna is erected, a structural analysis is prepared. Over time, conditions may change, e.g. due to an extension of the installation. We are happy to support you in solving these issues as part of our consulting contract.

The network operator would like to extend the antenna support to 10 meters. Is this necessary and do I have to agree to it?

There are always changes in the guidelines on radiation protection. These could also apply in your case, however, this would have to be checked individually.

I'm hearing a lot about 5G and new technologies at the moment. What could this mean for my location?

Networks will be upgrading their systems to 5G across Europe over the coming years. This may affect your location. We would be happy to review your contract for likely expansion and future site security.

So far, I always have my contracts reviewed by my solicitor. Why should I use a firm like yours?

There are two aspects to all contracts both legal and economic. Our expertise is in the economic aspect of contracts, and we are happy to work with your solicitor on all legal aspects.

Why is an acquaintance in the same town being paid a higher rent?

Several factors can play a role here. Different providers pay different rents. The location may be technically different from your location and therefore of a different value.

I am told that my location is not as important as it was 15 years ago and therefore the rent must be reduced! Is that true?

First of all, we believe that all locations remain important as mobile networks are constantly expanding. We will be happy to advise you on your particular location and rental potential in our free location analysis.

I have been approached about renewing the contract, but am being offered a lower rent. Will my contract be terminated if I do not agree to this?

Often, attempts are made to enforce a reduction in rent over a longer term contract. We can avert termination and will be happy to check the actual value of your contract.

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