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For landlords of antenna sites, it is not easy to determine whether the points stated in the contract and the agreed site rental income are in line with market standards. We know the industry from both sides. We have extensive past experience working for the other side (The Network Operators), negotiating on their behalf. As a result , we can now use this knowledge to benefit you – the landowner, and seek to improve your contract and increase your rental income. This is how we do it:

Free site analysis

Firstly we check whether the conditions stated in your contract are in line with current market value or whether there is potential for improvement. Perhaps there is financial potential hidden in your contracts that you are not yet aware of. Let us independently examine your case to assess and establish the potential for current and future claims. The aim is to strengthen your negotiating position with the mobile phone providers.

Personal advice

We will discuss the results of our analysis and provide you with an individual evaluation of your antenna location, plus the possible potential to optimise your contract. This is completely free of charge. Based on this information you can decide if you would like to take the next step.

Negotiations with the network operator

As soon as you decide to seek a change of contract, we can take action on your behalf. After concluding a consultancy agreement, we prepare all the necessary formal letters to the mobile phone company. We can support you in renegotiating your contract or completely take charge of the process and renegotiate on your behalf. Important: We work exclusively on a contingency basis. If we are unable to improve your lease , we will not charge a fee.

Contract amendment

Several months can pass between the beginning and the conclusion of contract negotiations. However, the duration can vary greatly depending on the case. Once the negotiations have been concluded, we present you with a draft with improved and transparent contract terms. Once you are happy with the terms of the new contract, and signing is completed, we will then provide further support throughout the contract period.

New contract with the network operator

How to get started today

Vorblick Consulting has assisted many antenna site owners in analysing their sites and the subsequent contract negotiations with network operators. From rooftop sites on single-family homes, residential complexes, public buildings or industrial plants to mast sites in the countryside. We always start with a personal discussion. Use our contact form, send us an e-mail or call us directly – we look forward to your enquiry.

The Vorblick zero-risk guarantee

Because we are confident with our service and the benefit to our clients we work on a success-oriented basis. Our offer is therefore completely risk-free for you.

Five good reasons to work with Vorblick:


With over 20 years experience, Vorblick Consulting has a wealth of knowledge at your disposal.


We know the industry from both perspectives – the network operator’s and the site owners.


With our expertise, we have been able to support more than ? In optimising their contracts.


With Vorblick’s zero-risk guarantee, you are on the safe side: we operate on a win win principle.


In addition to our expertise, we also support you in contract negotiations with network providers.

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We offer our services to private individuals, farmers, companies and corporations who want to review or negotiate a new or existing contract with a network operator.





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Vorblick in the media

The July issue of the magazine Top-Agar presents all relevant information for farmers concerning mobile phone antenna rental. Vorblick contributed with its expertise, to this article.

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